Transcend | 2024

Mr & Mrs transcend


“Within every performance lies the potential to transcend, to touch hearts, and to inspire the extraordinary.”

An exquisite event that celebrates exceptional talents and all-round excellence, where participants not only showcase their skills but also embody the virtues of transcendence and personal refinement. This multifaceted showcase of talent, elegance, and individuality promises a captivating and inspiring experience for all. Elevate your talents, embody your essence, and conjure magic through your performances. Prepare for a delightful surprise as you journey towards self-discovery and transformation.

Prize Pool: Rs. 15,000

Winner (Male) : Rs. 7,500

Winner (Female): Rs. 7,500

Event Details


Mr & Mrs transcend

Prize Money

Rs. 15,000


Undergraduation and postgraduation students


Personality Contest

Contact Details

Ritu - 9167122531
Iram - 9891425108


10 December, 11:59 pm

As the longest-standing council at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, the Co-Curricular Team embodies a deep-rooted legacy in the institution’s history.