Transcend, one of India’s largest B-school events, resonates with vivaciousness and vibrancy. The 30th edition brings, 9 top-notch national level management events, 8 incredible cultural competitions, and 3 days of captivating pro nights. It annually engages over 12000+ people who sail in for an extravaganza like nothing else. It has evolved over the three decades into a boiling point of intellect and culture coming from major colleges across the country.

About The Theme

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus literally means great work. Transcend 2020 reflects with the theme of this year to translate the event into a great journey and an even more prodigious experience. A masterpiece in creation, it is the experience of something different. With an aim to make a difference and create quality with competitions, events and spree, this year the ambition and deliverable of Transcend 2020 is Magnum Opus! Firmly believing to sketch standards high and deliver quality to create the magnificent.

Transcend 2020 Launch

With a breath-taking launch, we proudly unveiled the theme of this year, Magnum Opus and kick-started TRANSCEND 2020 season. A spectacular bike stunt show was exhibited leaving spectators marvelled. Students of Symbiosis International University were stunned by such magnificent fireworks and bikers who moved the floor with their umpteen talent. IStunt Group of Mumbai had put up a stupendous show that left everyone transfixed with joy and thrilling spree. Launch witnessed a house full of enigmatic audience filling in for the charismatic spirit of the upcoming Transcend 2020.

Bonfire Night

Transcend’s grandeur is not only exhibited from its scale but also in its expansive image as a cohort of premium management events and competitions. We ensure we have something of value for people across specialisations with innovative competitions that have attracted zealous participation of students from the best B-Schools of the country each year. To keep up with the happening yet serene feels of Transcend, the Co - Curricular Team organized a Bonfire Night wherein students sat under the stars, enjoyed beautiful baritones, singing and swinging with tunes of winds and wander. Amphitheatre and atmosphere of the event was such that it left everyone transcending into happiness and lurking for more in festival of Transcend 2020.

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The Squad

Aditi Garsa


Ameya Prabhudesai


Neel Chokshi


Krutarth Amin


Rigzin Deldan


Anshumaan Pratap Singh


Latika Agarwal


Archit Sinha


Ayush Bhargava


Kartik Jajoo


Rahul Mukherjee


Surbhi Jain


Gargi Baweja